The cost of your luxurious escort's travel

An overview of all rates is provided in the profile of each escort. To access these, go to your profile and drag the slider to the 'Rates' section. The prices cover the cost of travel up to Delhi NCR region. For trips in other cities, an additional surcharge is applicable like return air-tickets and foods etc.

Just so you know, the escort's location in the profile is the closest big city, for reasons of discretion. We utilize the exact escort's location to determine travel expenses. Is the distance you need to go greater than 100 km, and are you a new customer looking to book? No worries, however a non-refundable deposit of 10% TO 50% (WHATEVER THE GIRL SAYS) plus a travel cost is always necessary.

How long can you reserve your escort for?

You can discover details and a calculator for the minimum booking duration of the escort in the rate area of their page. The distance an escort is willing to go during a given booking is entirely up to them. Hence, the escort-by-escort minimum booking may differ. It is common practice to round up to the nearest entire hour the minimum booking time to the exact amount of time it takes to travel backwards. Thus, the bodyguard must not remain out of commission for more time than the allotted booking. Factors such as busy hours, specific requests requiring more preparation time, and other similar factors are also considered when settling on the ultimate minimum booking duration.

Exclusive escort service on a global scale

If you are looking to book an upscale escort outside of Delhi, we have plenty of options. A 12-to 16-hour minimum booking is required for most European cities. Another 24 to 48 hours is required for other cities throughout the world. The most convenient mode of transportation that requires the fewest transfers and the least amount of time overall will be selected. Any expenditures related to travel, visas, or taxis are subject to a 21% VAT.

Covert escort agency

We value discretion just as much as you do. Without fail, our escorts will maintain the utmost discretion no matter how they travel. Our escorts would rather be driven by a private driver, a local taxi, or another kind of personal transportation for national bookings. They won't just be "left" outside your door. When the weather permits, our escorts will walk the final few meters in complete secrecy. Wherever they are going and whatever the event is, the escort will dress accordingly.

Vacation while you're on the clock

Depending on the circumstances, our first-rate escort service may require you to travel. For example, to get to and from the restaurant on your Dinner Date, check out a museum, relax at the beach, or do whatever else you and your escort can think of. You can walk shorter distances (less than 1 km) if the weather and safety conditions allow it. Only by driving can longer distances be traversed. When making your first reservation with Miss Urvashi, it is imperative that you utilize a licensed and authorized taxi service for safety concerns. Customers who have rented a car from us before are permitted to use it as long as they meet all driving criteria. Unless your reservation is for a trip across international borders, where taking public transportation would be the most convenient and expedited option, using public transportation will not be an option for your travel.