The escort service we provide comes with a guarantee.

Because we are so sure that you will meet only the most exquisite escorts and call girls when you book with us, we provide a money-back guarantee on all of our escort photos. The escort's inner and exterior beauty are both guaranteed. We encourage you to voice any concerns you may have within the first five to ten minutes of your reservation if you feel the encounter did not meet your expectations. No cancellation fees will be charged if the escort gracefully decides to step away. Nevertheless, you will not be able to use these services in the future if you do this.

In addition, our guarantee covers the initial fifteen to twenty minutes of your rendezvous if you have used our dating services for personalized recommendations. If, after considering our individual recommendations, you still feel uneasy, all you have to do is tell the escort how you really feel. They will contact us for help right away. A cancellation fee will be applied, covering the escort's efforts and covering travel expenses, in such a case. We will do our best to get you a replacement escort, but last-minute availability is always a concern.

Requirements for our promise

We cannot be held liable in such cases when:

  • The time allotted for your reservation has already elapsed.
  • After the escort arrives, you attempt to negotiate their fee.
  • You have touched or undressed the escort, or at least tried to.
  • Your lack of personal cleanliness, inappropriate attire, demeanor, or violation of our terms and conditions has led the escort to decline the booking.
  • You have an unexpected personal or business appointment.
  • If your booking is a Guaranteed Booking or the distance between the escort and booking site is 100 kilometers or more, additional fees may apply.

The Cancellation Policy outlined in our Terms & Conditions will be applicable in such cases.

Facilitating client-escort pairings

A number of pieces of information are required when you book an appointment with our escort service. In addition to confirming that you are a legitimate customer, these facts are essential for finding the most compatible escort for you. For example, if you asked for a sporty, romantic brunette, we won't send you a curvy, playful blonde because we hate sending people who aren't a good fit. Everything about our escorts and call girls is familiar to us, yet we can still cater to your every want if you tell us what you're looking for. It will be difficult to locate the best escort unless you are involved in this procedure. Thus, we ask that you communicate your preferences with us in an open (yet kind) manner.

In order to satisfy our exacting requirements, our escorts complete a battery of training courses. But we don't instruct them on how to act; rather, we push them to be genuine and show the world their greatest qualities. Training, passion, talent, and uniqueness all come together to create a once in a lifetime experience, at least in our opinion. Our Girlfriend Experience and Boyfriend Experience are real, as our large and loyal customer base will confirm.

Note that our promise, as said earlier, does not mean that you will be satisfied; that is something that is specific to you and your escort. Instead of acting like a mechanical toy, our high-class escorts treat each customer as an individual. If you want to get the most out of your time with them, you have to put in some work. Do not worry; you will receive a hefty prize for your work!