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Book a High Class Escort

How to book a high class escort in Delhi?

Are you looking to elevate your social experience and spend quality time with a sophisticated companion? Booking a high-class escort may be the perfect solution for you. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable booking process.

  • Step 1: Research and Selection: Before booking a high-class escort, it's essential to do your research. Look for reputable agencies or independent escorts with positive reviews and a professional website. Take your time to browse through profiles and choose a companion that matches your preferences and desires.
  • Step 2: Contact and Communication: Once you have selected an escort, reach out to them through the contact information provided on their website. Be respectful and clear in your communication about your expectations, preferences, and any special requests you may have. It's important to establish a good rapport and mutual understanding before proceeding with the booking.
  • Step 3: Screening and Verification: High-class escorts often require clients to go through a screening process to ensure their safety and discretion. Be prepared to provide necessary information such as your full name, contact details, and possibly a photo ID. This process is standard practice and should be taken seriously.
  • Step 4: Discuss Rates and Services: Before finalizing the booking, make sure to discuss rates and services with the escort. Clarify any questions you may have about pricing, duration of the meeting, and specific services offered. It's important to be upfront about your budget and expectations to avoid any misunderstandings later on.
  • Step 5: Arrange the Meeting: Once all details are confirmed, it's time to arrange the meeting. Agree on the date, time, and location for your encounter. High-class escorts are professionals who value discretion and privacy, so make sure to choose a safe and comfortable environment.

Privacy and discretion

To make a reservation, most of the essential information—including your whole true name—must be provided. We regret to notify you that we are unable to accept your booking request if you are unwilling to supply these details.We respect your discretion just as much as you do. Your submission of any information will be treated with the strictest confidence. See our Privacy Statement for further details on this.

Following receipt of your reservation request, we will get in touch with the escort(s) to confirm their availability. If you do not provide a different mode of contact, we will then get in touch with you via email to confirm the reservation. We will respond to booking requests made during business hours within six hours. By then, if you haven't heard from us, please check your spam or junk mail bin or give us a call. In order to make a reservation within the next six hours, we respectfully ask that you call us.

Is there no display of the booking form? Then, try utilizing a "hard" refresh (Command+shift+r) or your browser's private/incognito window. Is that not functioning properly? Then give us a call, and we'll investigate the issue.

Make an escort reservation at Miss Urvashi.

Reserving a luxurious escort is a big move for some people and the most normal thing ever for others. We will walk you through the process of booking a high class escort step by step so you can anticipate the best possible high class escort experience.

Step 1: Are you the perfect person for our elegant escortservice?

Wonderful! You have chosen to reserve an escort. We will be pleased to advise you on the best course of action. It's critical to decide if hiring our upscale escort service is the best option for you. Here, two factors are crucial:

  1. Are the prices for our escort service affordable for you? The cost of an hourly escort service will be depend on the profile you choose. A premium escort service often bills for two to three hours in advance at a fee of about INR 50,000 per hour.
  2. Is this particular escortservice the best option for you? In many circumstances, a regular escort service will be a great option if your main goal is sensual fun. Are you seeking a more intimate and profound experience where social interaction is valued equally with eroticism? Then, a better option would be our elegant escortservice.

You might decide that our elegant escortservice isn't the best option for you after all. Next, you'll make another escort reservation. It goes without saying that you should only choose a reputable and licensed escort service for this. Here we describe how to determine the reliability of an escort service.

Phase Two: What, who, and where

Going one step further, you already know that you have chosen a reputable escort service that perfectly suits your requirements. The next step is to select the escort you want to reserve, along with the experience and location. This operates like this at our upscale escort service:The table has the following style:


For the best possible experience with our escort service, choosing the appropriate escort is crucial. A successful match can turn an enjoyable encounter into something truly remarkable. The following options can be used to choose the ideal escort:

Check out our escorts' profiles and choose the one that most suits your tastes in erotica, appearance, and character. Consider the escort's preferences for matchmaking as well. For instance, clients above the age of 67 are not eligible for every escort.

Utilize our options for matchmaking like the Tailormade Match, where we provide you advice, or the Instant Match, which instantly displays who your best match is.

Get a Sneak Preview by Contacting Us; If you fit the requirements, you can examine the pictures of the escorts' faces by momentarily logging in to our member area.

Recruit our assistance One of the ways we may assist you in making your decision is through the Tailormade Match. Please provide as much information as you can about yourself and your preferences when contacting us by phone or email for guidance.


Every reservation for our escort service begins with a thorough social and emotional introduction. This leads to a more private and sensual environment that varies according on the booking and the customer. The most popular ones are included here, but you can browse a comprehensive list of all of our services here.

A personal sensual encounter: You reserve a Standard Booking of two to five hours for this.

Give yourself a massage and unwind: To do this, make a Standard Booking reservation for three to four hours and ask for our erotic massage service.

Lessons on sexuality and losing one's virginity:Still (nearly) lacking any erotica experience? Use our Virgin Experience after that.

Three sensual people together: Whether you reserve two escorts for yourself as a client or an escort for a threesome as a couple. You reserve a Standard Booking of at least three hours for this.

sultry and kinky: Some naughtier requests, such as anal sex, a naughty pornstar experience, fetish, and BDSM, are typically doable if you have previously made a reservation with us. You reserve a Standard Booking of at least three hours for this.

Savoring food: You schedule a dinner date for this, which runs from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Your reservation begins with a substantial dinner and ends with a sensual dessert served in private.

Having a sleepover together: You schedule an overnight stay between 5am (get up early) and 10pm (go to bed) for this.


We can arrange for our elegant escorts to go wherever in Delhi, as well as abroad. We outline all of your alternatives for the escort booking location below. They can visit you at your hotel or at home.

Individual Home: Our elegant escorts would be pleased to visit you at your private residence or temporary home, as long as it is neat and orderly. Your home could be a little starter home or a large villa.

Accommodation: Each four-star hotel is visited by our escorts. Consider whether the area is conducive to a romantic and private evening when selecting your hotel. Therefore, a luxury boutique hotel will soon prove to be a better option than a cheap business hotel. Do you have a three-star hotel room? Kindly get in touch with us for advice.

We supply the address here: We can also provide a place if you have previously made a reservation with us (for a charge). For this additional service, a bank transfer deposit is needed from new clients. Please do not hesitate to ask about the options.

It is feasible to arrange for recurring clients to meet at a more lively venue, like a deluxe swingers club or BDSM site. Our escorts, however, are unable to meet you at budget motels, student accommodation, or movable locations (cars or campers).

Step 3: The final information

A few items need to be completed before you can make your reservation. The availability of the escort should be your first consideration; this information is included in each escort's profile. Choose an escort who is free on the preferred date, or modify your plans to accommodate your preferred escort's availability.

You can easily arrange a day to a week in advance if you are picky and interested in multiple escorts, but it is always better to have more notice. If you're only interested in one or a few escorts, you'll usually need to make reservations farther in advance. Making reservations at least one month in advance is fairly typical.

You can check the rates and the places in which each escort is available for their minimum booking length in their profile. The slider allows you to alternate between the profile's rates and information. If the escort possesses a mobile ATM, it is also mentioned. In this instance, you can make the reservation and pay with a debit or credit card. For the most part, bank transfer or cash are acceptable. Here is a summary of the available payment options.

Step 4: Make a reservation

Now that you have obtained the necessary information, you may make your reservation. The online booking form is the preferred method for doing this. You agree to the terms and conditions, can fill out your information and requests in peace, and we guarantee that we will accurately provide the escort with all the information. Just said, miscommunication happens more quickly over the phone than it does in paper.

Please fill out the online booking form with as much data as you can. The escort you are about to meet will find you more enjoyable the more personal you are. Of course, being honest is also required. This include giving your true name and contact information. Unfortunately, without this information, we are unable to assist you. We want to know who we are introducing our escorts to in order to make sure they are safe. Naturally, we maintain the strictest secrecy regarding your data.

Really not in the mood to fill out an online reservation form? Of course, you can also give us a phone or send us an email.

Step 5: Verification and setup

We accept bookings from 7 AM to 3 AM daily, and you can anticipate hearing back from us within 5 minutes. After this period, if you still haven't heard back, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Not able to locate a response here either? Next, give us a call. Is this a last-minute reservation that begins in six hours? Always contact us via phone, text message, or Whatsapp message to let us know what you need.

You must get authenticated if this is your first reservation with our escort service. Once everything is completed, we will proceed with your reservation. You will get an email confirmation as soon as your reservation is organized. We verify the time, date, length, cost, and the key terms that apply to the reservation in this. Would you like to modify your reservation? Then notify us as soon as you can, but no later than five hours before the reservation. Usually, you are no longer able to alter or cancel at no cost after that.

It goes without saying that you are eagerly anticipating your reservation. We suggest that you study our Escort Etiquette in order to be ready. This goes into great detail on how to get ready—both physically and mentally—for your next booking. The escort will be well-prepared for the reservation as well. Fear not—we promise that the escort is every bit as lovely and stunning in person as she appears on the internet. Also, your escort will show up on schedule. If there is even the slightest delay or flawless travel, we will get in touch with you right away to let you know.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your reservation. Naturally, we would be interested in learning about your experiences with both the escort you have reserved and our escortservice. Thus, comments are always appreciated. After making your first reservation, you can also ask for a Member Account from us. We really hope to be of assistance to you for another wonderful reservation soon.