Sexual safety is about more than just using a condom.

No unsafe sex will be entertained during your appointment with one of our elite escorts or callgirls. We clarify our meaning on this page since this may have different connotations to different people. It goes without saying that using a condom during sexual activity is the most basic and basic precaution to take. For that reason, our escorts will never engage in sexual activity without first using a condom.

To ensure the safety of both parties involved, a condom should always be used when engaging in oral sex on the penis. So, our escort service cannot accommodate requests such as "oral without, OWO." The terms "come in mouth" and "come in face" do not fit either (CIF). This is because our escorts genuinely do not desire to provide this service, and secondly, we are required to do so by law. Assuming the person having oral sex is exceptionally clean and not menstruating, a dental dam is not necessary when having oral sex on a vagina. A dental dam can be provided upon request, although according to the health department's advise, it is not necessary to prevent health hazards.

However, employing a condom alone is insufficient. Knowledge of when to wear a condom is equally as important as knowledge of how to use one. In these areas, our escorts receive extensive training. At the time of the reservation, the escort will supply all the equipment needed for safe sex. Would you like us to supply the condoms or do you have a preference for a certain brand? Feel free to include these while making a reservation, just make sure the packaging is undamaged.

The idea that having a high-class escort puts you at a higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) than other sexually active people is false. Reason being, our escorts are subject to frequent testing and engage in only safe sexual practices. If you have concerns about the escort's or callgirl's sexual health, we are unable to address them. Escorts and their doctors should keep all medical records strictly secret. There is absolutely no requirement that the escort divulge this information to either of us. Since this information is already protected by privacy rules, we cannot even request it.

Some further information regarding safe sex practices beyond the use of condoms

When one partner feels safe, secure, comfortable, and good about the sex, it is considered safe sex. For each individual, this will be unique. Now, we'll examine three case studies:

When it comes to the Girlfriend Experience and the Boyfriend Experience, the majority of our escorts think French kissing is a must-do. If you're not presentable—if you have unclean teeth, a musty scent, a stain on your clothing, chipped nails, an unmade bed, and even a small pimple near your mouth—the escort will be afraid to kiss you for fear of contracting cold sores. A razor cut or a pimple could be all that's needed. Your elite escort, however, will be reluctant to kiss you when you factor in the combination.

Arousing and entertaining, dry humping involves rubbing two nude bodies against each other. However, just as unprotected penetration is harmful to health, so is direct touch between genitalia. It is also possible for this uncovered penetration to occur by unintentionally while dry humping. So, protect yourself and savor this thrilling time by using a condom.

All over each other's fingers: a steamy and seductive way to stimulate each other. Have you also gone to the trouble of getting your nails done, even though your escort probably has? You can damage a vagina and ruin your pricey stockings with only the tiniest nail hook. Fingers that are unclean are even worse. A bladder infection or fungal infection might make the escort feel extremely uncomfortable and unable to take appointments for at least a week. It's important to wash your hands after using the restroom, use lube when necessary, and avoid moving between anal and vaginal touch without a wash. In the case that your escort gets the least hint that you are not being very careful and hygienic, she will do all in her power to stop you from touching anything.

Period: We kindly request that our elite escorts and clients refrain from scheduling appointments during their period, especially if it is heavier than usual. But ultimately, it's up to each individual to decide, and we have zero say in the matter. Also, unexpected bleeding can happen at any time, and it's normal to have some vaginal blood even when you're not bleeding. This might become more apparent in cases of more forceful penetrative sex or when the vaginal wall is (unintentionally) injured by nails or fingers. In addition to using condoms, other measures to prevent sexually transmitted diseases include frequent hand washing and the use of a dental dam or other kind of protection when having oral sex on a vagina during periods of obvious blood loss.

The worst kind of behavior: refusing to negotiate or explain an escort's no when she says no, regardless of the reason. Your escort will go out of their way to make you happy, and they probably find it difficult to say no, too. Acknowledge and respect this. Never, ever pay the escort more to perform anything she already said no to. Your escort will consider this the worst kind of offense. If you were to do something worse, it would be quite unlikely. What this amounts to is an assumption that your personal boundaries are for sale and a lack of concern for your limits and preferences. I disagree. Since you've had a great time with your escort, it's polite to leave a gratuity or gift at the end of your enjoyable time together. Not because you have certain demands that the escort simply cannot meet. Sure, I can help you out.