Details on becoming an escort in Delhi

High class escorting is a stigmatized and prejudiced profession, but it's also a highly lucrative, interesting, and pleasurable one. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to embark on personal journeys with fascinating individuals from all walks of life. At Miss Urvashi, you can feel safe exploring this path, and we will respect your boundaries and wishes as you go along. It has the potential to improve your life and the person you are. Still, some people might not enjoy it. So that you can decide if becoming a high-class escort is right for you, we have tried our best to give you all the information you could possibly need.

Looking forward to exploring the realm of elite escort services more? Yeah, that's a good starting point. Escorts and clients alike may find a wealth of information on our website, including a press overview, frequently asked questions, pros and drawbacks, and many blog sites discussing the ins and outs of the escort industry.

Tell us what you need from our escort service.

Miss Urvashi is the leading high class escort service in Delhi. What sets us apart from other agencies is our commitment to clear agreements and clear compliance with them. We take a professional approach with a lot of transparency, which means you can expect higher earnings and more flexibility. Our work environment is fully automated and tailored to your needs, and we have a fixed team of escorts with years (18+!) of experience to ensure your safety and enjoyment. The advantages of working for a reputable, big-name escort agency are detailed here. No one is ever allowed to act inappropriately towards our escorts, and this includes our clients. Actually, we anticipate that our customers are looking for more than simply a one-sided sexual service; they want a personal, memorable, and delightful encounter.

Our escorts are able to live the high life they deserve because of the substantial amount they earn from the enormous number of appointments made possible by our large and loyal customer base, which we have established through our years of experience. One huge perk is that you get to keep all your freedom of choice when it comes to things like when and with whom you want to make reservations.

Last but not least, the escort's inexperience is not a concern. You need zero experience. Becoming a top-notch luxury escort is within your reach with our comprehensive training program. You won't be thrown into the deep end; instead, you'll be well-informed and introduced to clients slowly but surely, with the expectation that you, too, will have a fantastic time. We do not ask that you shell out cash for a photo shoot, classes, or a more posh wardrobe before you even book with us. Also, we take your privacy seriously, therefore at first, only our regular customers will see your pics.

What it takes to be a professional high-class escort

In terms of personality and outward look, the escorts that our clients request are incredibly diverse. Embracing diversity has been a growing trend in our society, and our escort service is no exception. As a result, we are open to many types of escorts and not seeking for one in particular. We both hope that our partnership turns out well, but there's no denying that personal preference matters. So, for every topic, we shall provide not only the many stringent requirements, but also the preferences of our clients. Look for another escort service where your skills can shine if you can't satisfy their tastes in multiple areas.

Standard criteria for (possible) escorts

We have a 21-year-old age requirement for employment. While most of our clients are looking for an escort under the age of 35, we do accept applications from those who appear to be less than 50 years old. Our customer is extremely diverse in terms of age, nationality, and professional experience.

Gender and sexual orientation: We welcome escorts of any gender or sexual orientation. Clients that fall under your orientation will be the only ones whose bookings include sexual content.

Location and nationality: You need to be (almost) fluent in English and Hindi and either live in Delhi or be within 20 kilometers of the Delhi border. While our clients tend to favor escorts from Delhi, we do consider candidates from other countries.

On a daily basis, you have a lot of leeway in deciding how to spend your time outside of your (full-time) job or school. You have very flexible scheduling preferences and would want to do three to ten bookings per month. A bit less sleep here and there shouldn't be too much of an issue, since many bookings go out late at night or in the evening.

Sexuality and erotica: Our customers are seeking a Girlfriend Experience with a dash of naughtiness. An element of sexuality is typically included in a booking. Therefore, if you are only looking for a friend who isn't interested in getting sexually involved, you can't apply.

Personality traits of a high class escort

Personally, I think it's important to be affable, eager, thoughtful, and charming. Extraordinary escort qualities include a high level of empathy, a spirit of adventure, positivity, the ability to listen attentively, style, good manners, seductiveness, patience, objectivity, tolerance, discretion, and self-assurance without being haughty. In addition to the qualities that our clients value, there are a few that we seek out in potential partners. For us, the most important qualities in a partner are reliability, accommodatingness, punctuality, and loyalty. An further point is that being an escort is, at its core, a job that requires physical exertion. Consequently, a positive work ethic is crucial.

Honesty: You and the customer will both benefit from your ability to remain true to yourself during the booking. But getting to know a customer you don't click with emotionally might be a real challenge. Sincerity isn't always possible when making a booking, and some escorts prefer to keep their profession under wraps. Determine in advance how far you can go.

Your primary motivators are adventure, passion, sensuality, and enjoyment, even when the financial potential is substantial. All that matters is that you get to do something fun and novel; money is only icing on the cake. A predominance of money motivation might hurt you in the long run, and our clients will subtly pick up on this and not like working with you.

Health: It is crucial to lead a drug-free lifestyle. You should ideally not smoke. It is important to exercise moderation when consuming narcotics, including alcohol. You take great care of yourself and exercise frequently to maintain your body in good form.

Your conversational skills allow you to effortlessly engage with a diverse range of clients, including astute executives, lavish rockstars, and even anxious virgins. We would like it if you have a bachelor's degree, but we understand that intelligence goes beyond that.

A more than average interest in sensuality, eroticism, and sexuality indicates that you are open-minded. You are receptive to new information and methods. You have had many sexual partners throughout your life.

Your exterior

You have a radiant, lovely, and amiable face that is flawless in texture and color. You are not a spectacle or braces wearer. Fewer escorts are interested in clients whose obvious usage of fillers and botox detracts from their natural beauty.

Color: Our clients prefer female escorts with long hair, although eye color and hair color are not important.

Your figure is flawless, and you look stunning when you're not wearing a shirt. Find out if your body type is comparable to the escorts who are already featured on our website. Female escorts who are at least 158 cm tall and have a thin figure with "curves in all the right places" are the most popular with our clients. People often ask for fuller figures, but being overweight or underweight is not an option.

A minor tattoo or two probably won't get you in trouble, but a bunch of bigger ones, especially on or near your neck or face, can be a problem. You should not have any noticeable scars, alterations to your physique, or indications of a previous pregnancy on your body.

Personal hygiene: You put a lot of effort into looking presentable and maintaining a clean and tidy appearance. While most of our customers go toward a more traditional, feminine design, we do get requests for more relaxed, "girl next door" looks on occasion. Very infrequently do our clients want a really daring or racy style.

Contacting us for work

Are you interested in working as an elite escort and does this describe you? Then, below is a detailed outline of the process:

Step 1: To begin, please contact us on phone or whatsapp. Firstly contact us on whatsapp and send us your recent pics.

Step 2: Second, once we see your pics, call us and tell us about yourself like where you residing, what is your profession right now, what;s your age, height, weight and body figure.

Step 3: Now tell us about your availability and schedule like which days you are available and availability timing. We will ask for your availability daily in day time (between 8Am to 10Am). reply there and tell us if you are available and what is your availability timing.

Step 4: Wait for our call. when we have work for you within your availability timing, we will contact you. Go to the work and that's it.

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