Location of your escort booking

Location of your escort booking

Where you can schedule a meeting with our elite escort

The ambiance of your appointment is enhanced when you arrange our first-class escort service at an appropriate location. Please allow us to fill you in on the details.

Location details for your escort reservation

You can see the escort's location (where they live) and the trip destinations they are available for in their profile. Though most of our escorts are open to reservations outside of Delhi, we do have a few that are only available in certain regions. Anywhere from a sleepy little town to a bustling metropolis could be the setting for your reservation.

Several broad criteria regarding the site of your reservation have been established by us. For instance, you can't have dirty sheets, old towels, or soap; everything needs to be spotless. There should be at least one bedroom with a sitting space and a private bathroom with a toilet, shower, and/or tub for at least two people.

When deciding where to make your reservation, there are a few things to keep in mind beyond the necessary specifications:

  • Even for shorter bookings, our escorts love nothing more than getting to know their clients over tasty snacks and drinks. Is room service available at your hotel for this? Is it possible for you to go shopping before the booking begins? You should be prepared to provide your escort with something other than plain water.
  • Where will you sit while you become more acquainted with the escort? For both of you to sit comfortably anywhere other than the bed, you should check that the amenities are plenty. Two chairs and a seat will do, but a comfortable sofa would be ideal.
  • What kind of things can one do in the area? Is the hotel you're considering having a good bar? Is it necessary to take a taxi fifteen minutes to get to any decent restaurants, or are there any close by? Would a leisurely stroll in the park or city be more appropriate here?
  • It is possible to create an evocative scene? An ideal setting would have low, nice lighting, soft music in the background, and a temperature of about 21 degrees. Hard (TL) lighting doesn't create the same atmosphere as a luxurious, romantic, or modern setting.
  • What amenities does the restroom provide? Our escorts would love to unwind with you in a hot bath and then wash off in the shower when your appointment is over. It is not a good idea to have a tiny bathroom with white tiles, a sink, and a shower. Additionally, choose a bathroom with a separate toilet if at all feasible.

Before you book an escort, consider whether the venue will create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Read our earlier blog post about escort booking locations for additional information on this.

Hotel escort service

Hotels are where the majority of our bookings occur. The escort is welcome to visit you at any time, and the hotel has no problem with this. Any hotel with four or more stars can have one of our exclusive escorts visit you. If your hotel room does not have a sitting area or just has a small one, you are required to use the hotel bar for the first thirty minutes of your reservation. Although it is normally not feasible to make a reservation at a hotel with fewer than four stars, an exception may be granted upon request in the case of a particularly opulent room type that is not lower in quality than a four-star establishment.

These days, a keycard is usually required to use the elevator and other in-house facilities. That is why your escort will be waiting for you in the lobby, next to the elevators. Proceed to your room or the hotel bar, among other options. In cases when your room does not require a keycard, your escort is at your disposal to meet you at your room upon request. Please do not request that the escort meet you directly at your room if your room has a keycard; doing so would be a significant invasion of privacy, both for you and the escort.

The decision of which hotel to stay at is highly subjective and based on individual tastes and interests. That is why we can't provide you with a recommended hotel list. Prior recommendations, such as a room with plenty of space for seating and a bathroom, should be considered. As a result, it's usually wise to choose for a room or suite with more amenities.

Providing escort services in your home

A private apartment is another option for our elite escorts. A home can be either owned or rented, like this apartment in Delhi, for a short period of time. Your escort booking might take place at a luxurious villa, but a "regular" house or (studio) apartment would also work. Having said that, our escorts are unable to make house calls to shelters or student residences. Be sure that any pets you may have are either confined to a certain room or are leashed before the arrival of the escort. Guests in the private residence at the time of booking must not include any roommates or traveling companions.

We exercise further caution when arranging for an escort to meet a client at their private residence. You will be escorted by foot for the final stretch once our driver drops you off around the corner. When the escort arrives, they will likewise be dressed discreetly. The escort is then free to dress whichever you like if you so want.

Incall with an elite escort

"Incall" can mean different things in different countries. An escort may invite you to their house for an incall session. While this is obviously not going to happen with our first-rate escort service, we can help you choose and reserve an appropriate venue. "Incall" has taken on a new meaning for us. Two options exist in this case.

  • We offer fixed incall locations in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida region where you can meet your high quality escort. These locations were previously known as Incall. With a private sitting area, bedroom with a large bed, and a lavish bathroom with a shower and bath, these incall settings provide all the comforts of a standard hotel suite, without drawing attention to themselves. For these set incall locations, we have agreed on fixed rates: A limited variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included at these prices. Up to 48 hours before to the commencement of your reservation, you are free to cancel or reschedule at no cost.
  • Would you like us to visit a different place than our fixed incall sites, which were previously known as our hotel check-in service? Of course. Please inform us of the specific site you are referring to, and we will locate and coordinate an appropriate spot for your reservation, handling both the check-in and check-out processes. This service comes with an additional price. Cancellations and rescheduling will not be allowed at no cost.

You are required to reserve our unique incall version at least 6 hours in advance, and a minimum booking of 3 hours is applicable. When you're a new client, you have to pay for the booking and location in full via bank transfer. Bookings at our set incall sites do not require prepayment for established clients, however bookings at our flexible incall locations do demand it.

Assuming you have a first-class escort with you, the incall location can only be chosen during the booking process. Feel free to bring your own food and drink, but if you have any specific demands, we'd be pleased to accommodate them for an additional cost. It is strictly prohibited to smoke, drink excessively, or use drugs. The client is always totally responsible for any damage that occurs to the booked site during the booking.

Finally, each area is rented out on an individual basis with the intention of accommodating no more than three persons. Please do not take this as an endorsement of any particular establishment that offers sexual services.

Other places where you can arrange for an escort

We provide some examples of when it is possible and when it is not to arrange a high-class escort because setting firm limits can be challenging.

  • A campground or family-and child-oriented vacation park does not allow reservations. At a five-star resort, your personal butler can pay you a visit in the comfort of your own villa or chalet.
  • The only kind of wellness venue that can serve as the site of your reservation is a private, high-end wellbeing. You can also include a stay at a wellness resort or sauna in your reservation. Unfortunately, a sex or homosexual sauna is not an acceptable venue for your booking.
  • A rendez-vous location is a business that offers short-term room rentals with the primary goal of engaging in sexual activity. That is not a suitable location for our escorts to meet you. But they can still pay you a visit at "regular" hotels that are up to snuff when it comes to renting out day rooms.
  • A sex club or sex theater is not an acceptable place for an explicit booking. But while you're there, you can also go to a swinging club or a posh erotic party. Booking at the sexy party or swingers club is an option for returning clients who have already booked the escort in question, albeit it is not preferred.
  • On the go: No "cardate" or bookings made from a camper or vehicle are currently available. Nonetheless, you have the option to include a portion of your reservation in a roomy limo or yacht.
  • Business: You can't take reservations at your place of employment unless it has all the amenities of a five-star hotel or a private residence.

Are you on the fence about scheduling an appointment with one of our premium escorts at the location you've selected? Get in touch with us so we can talk about the options.

Things to do in each area that you and your luxurious escort can enjoy

Although the majority of Miss Urvashi's escorts reside in larger cities like Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, they are also available in smaller towns and cities around Delhi like Agra, Neemrana, Sonipat etc..

Popular and romantic destinations in Delhi to visit with an elite escort

Looking for a romantic experience? Have you booked a high-class escort through Miss Urvashi? Picturesque vistas, tranquil waterways, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences abound in Delhi. Miss Urvashi's seductive high-class escorts are here to help you identify the most popular and romantic spots in each city, and we provide a lot of options for each one.

The Most Idyllic Seats

Indulge in a private meeting with a Miss Urvashi escort as you explore the magical realm of romantic seats. These seats offer the perfect setting for a romantic evening, whether you're taking a leisurely walk along the beautiful canals, lounging beneath the park's shaded trees, or finding a quiet area by the lake. Enjoy the tranquility of these hand-picked seating locations while you and your hot high-class escort bask in the love vibes.

One of a Kind Scenes

Marvel at stunning vistas that win over the spirit and the emotions. You will daydream away at the breathtaking panoramas offered by our chosen sites. Here you can relax in the company of a first-rate escort from Miss Urvashi while taking in the sights. Sit back and enjoy the tranquility of these breathtaking vantage spots.

The Top Picnic Spots

Having a picnic in a beautiful park is one of life's most idyllic experiences. Find the best locations to have a picnic and savor your food in nature. Enjoy some tasty refreshments with your first-class escort while you lie down on a blanket under the shady branches of ancient trees, listening to the happy tweeting of birds. These parks offer an ideal backdrop for a tranquil and intimate picnic.

Top Spots to See the Sun Go Down

As the sun sets in the most picturesque locations, you can see its hypnotic descent. Views of the sunset's multicolored sky are unmatched from these spots. Take in the breathtaking beauty of nature. These spots are ideal for romantic evenings and making memories that will last a lifetime.

The Loveliest Hiking Routes

Lay eyes on the most gorgeous hiking paths that lead you through idyllic landscapes and romantic surroundings. As you and your luxurious escort from Miss Urvashi stroll hand in hand, you will see beautiful scenery, hear the sound of running water, and enjoy the shade of towering trees. In addition to physical discovery, these paths lead to a voyage of love and devotion. The mesmerizing ambiance of these romantic strolls will wow you.

Waters of Unparalleled Beauty

Immerse yourself in the calming beauty of nature's most stunning bodies of water, from gurgling brooks to shimmering lakes. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings, the calming sounds of running water, and the reflection of nature on the placid surface while being escorted in style by Miss Urvashi. Embrace the allure that these waters offer.

The Most Private Spots

Find out about the most private spots chosen for couples seeking seclusion and passion. You and your high-class escort can find a tranquil haven among these hidden gems, far from the din of ordinary life. In these magical, romantic settings, embrace the closeness and allow love to bloom.

The Finest Spots to Take in the Night Sky

The greatest places to gaze at the stars will astound you with their breathtaking beauty. Standing here beneath the myriad stars is the perfect place for you and your elite escort from Miss Urvashi. As you and your companion hunt for constellations under the moon's gentle light, let yourself be enchanted by the cosmos and its secrets. These locations are perfect for a romantic evening spent under the sky.

Escort friendly Hotels in Delhi (Aerocity)

  • JW Marriott
  • Roseate House
  • Pullman
  • Holiday Inn
  • IBIS

Escort friendly Hotels in Delhi (Connaught Place)

  • The Royal Plaza
  • Shangri-Las
  • Le-Meridien
  • Metroplitian