Our guidelines regarding reviews

We make an effort to be as transparent and open as we can, as you may already be aware. We believe that this enhances the escortservice experience. The need for secrecy and seclusion is more crucial for our escorts, though. We thus request that our clients refrain from posting evaluations online that include extremely explicit sexual content or private information about the escort. Furthermore, we have discovered that a lot of online review sites are untrustworthy since they frequently contain phony reviews.

Evaluations of our elite escort service

We don't publish testimonials about our elegant escorts on our website, with a few notable exceptions. This is due to the fact that they are extremely individualized, demand discretion, and are always the outcome of the client-escort relationship. Each client's experience with this kind of personal venture will be unique, but overall, your encounter with our escortservice should be more consistent. We shall thus outline the experiences our clients claim to have experienced with our escortservice below.

Comments, suggestions, and grievances

Despite our greatest efforts and those of our escorts, it is regrettable that occasionally you may not be entirely happy with our escort service. The most crucial thing we can do to improve our services going forward is for you to provide us with your thoughts and recommendations. Even if we are unable to fulfill every request, we will always give careful consideration to your comments and recommendations. We will give you credit if your proposal makes our services better. Complaints or negative feedback is never grounds for a (partial) return.