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We are available to match you with a high class escort in Delhi all day and night. We are open 24 hours a day . Whenever you need escort service in day or night, just contact us. We have last minute deal facility as our escorts gives 24 hours availability.

We would prefer you to also notify us via phone if your request refers to a booking that starts in the next few hours. You are free to make your reservation over the phone or by whatsapp, but please note that reservations made by other means will also need the information provided in the booking. Do you need assistance scheduling a luxurious escort? We have outlined the procedure in detail.

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We welcome fresh requests for interviews at all times. Please feel free to write us with your ideas for a request, and we will take it from there. Additionally, please email us if you need a special speaker for your campus or event. For anyone in need, we have a kit on hand.

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Pay close attention to this: We do not accept applications or questions about recruitment over the email as we are a different department. Your only point of contact for any inquiries is phone or whatsapp. Our phone lines are for all type of queries queries from girls and clients.