Key Concepts

Client: The term "client" refers to any individual or business that is at least 21 years old and has either expressed interest in or completed a booking with Miss Urvashi's escort service.

Escort: Clients' escorts are adults (at least 21 years old) who volunteer to fulfill their clients' bookings at Miss Urvashi's escort service. Miss Urvashi escort service is there for these people 24/7.

Booking: The Client and Miss Urvashi Escort Service enter into this Booking Agreement to assign and provide services.

Guaranteed Booking: An irrevocable reservation is considered a guaranteed booking.

International Booking: Any booking made outside of India is considered an international booking.

Booking Confirmation: As part of the booking process, Miss Urvashi escort service will send a confirmation email to the client outlining the terms and conditions of the service.

Booking Rate: Rate for the company of the Escort.

Extra Services: Extra services offered by Miss Urvashi's escort service that are not directly related to the escort firm, such as transportation, lodging, meals, special attire, travel documents, and more.

Hours of operation: Miss Urvashi's escort service is available every day from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening.



Before the Booking or, at the very latest, upon the Booking's commencement, payment is required. If the Client is allowed to delay payment due to a Booking extension, the remaining balance must be settled either within the last fifteen minutes of the Booking or as soon as possible (within one hour) after the Booking concludes through bank transfer.

The Client will specify their preferred method of payment before the Booking.

All of the payment methods that are listed are not guaranteed to be available at all times. Miss Urvashi escort service reserves the right to demand a deposit for Booking or to limit the Client's or Booking's access to certain payment methods at any time and for any reason.

After any expenses or outstanding amounts are settled, the amount will be applied to the following Booking if a refund is not issued.

Ensuring privacy, security, and confidentiality

Miss Urvashi's escort service, the escort, and the client are all legally obligated to maintain the utmost secrecy due to the sensitive nature of the services provided.

Client agrees to keep all information about Miss Urvashi escort service and its escorts strictly secret. Customer agrees not to disclose in any way, shape, or form any information about Miss Urvashi escort service, its services, or its escorts to any third party, whether directly or indirectly.

Reservation necessities

It is not feasible to make a reservation for less than two hours. Escort and booking location specifics may dictate the minimum booking period.

The charge for this minimum booking period will still be applied if the client decides to spend less time with the escort. During the time between the early conclusion of the booking and the required minimum booking duration, the client may be charged extra for additional services such as transportation, meals, beverages, internet access, and accommodation for the escort.

Client requirements

Client agrees that they will never give Miss Urvashi escort service false information about themselves, their contact information, or the Booking.

New Clients must cooperate in verifying the booking location like proof of location reservation and verification of room number.

Client must be at least 21 years old.

No client shall be in the presence of or impaired by excessive quantities of alcohol or any (soft) drugs.

The client will not share any kind of contact information with the escort.

In addition to treating the Escort with dignity and respect, the Client shall not coerce or otherwise interfere with the Escort in any way, shape, or form.

Prior to and during the Booking, the Client agrees to keep themselves clean and well-groomed, paying particular attention to their teeth and genital region.

The client agrees that they will not engage in any risky sexual practices with the escort, such as having sex without protection, ejaculating in public places like the mouth or face, making direct contact with the genitalia, or engaging in "dry humping" without any kind of protection.

The following are some of the ways in which the client will honor the escort's right to privacy:

  • The client is expected to maintain the confidentiality of all information provided by the escort during the booking process.
  • Neither the client nor the escort may be recorded in any way, shape, or form.
  • The client will never try to get the escort's real name, including by asking.
  • Unless mediated by Miss Urvashi's escort service, the client will not share any contact information with the escort or engage in any other form of communication with the escort.
  • The client agrees that they will not have access to the escort's stuff, including their bags, luggage, and cell phone, or take anything from them.

Miss Urvashi's escort service cancellation/change policy

Miss Urvashi escort service will promptly notify the Client if there is a need to modify or cancel the Booking. This is accomplished by email to ensure secrecy. We will only contact you by phone to follow up on your email if absolutely required.

At any moment, Miss Urvashi escort service has the right to cancel, modify, or end a Booking early if:

  • According to Miss Urvashi's escort service, there is no way to ensure the safety, identification, or integrity of the escort either at the booking or on the way there.
  • If the Escort feels physically or emotionally unable to fulfill the Booking, or if doing so would go against her wishes, it is considered a refusal of service.
  • It is reasonable to anticipate Miss Urvashi escort service to meet its duties under the Booking unless certain circumstances occur.

Client's decision to cancel or alter

Cancellations must be confirmed as such by Miss Urvashi escort service in order to be valid.

If the Client wishes to cancel a Booking that has already confirmed by both client and the escort, the Client will be charged the cancellation charge (whatever the escort says). If the termination is the result of illness or emergency, client must have to send us the proof to avoid cancellation charges.