How to make the most of your time with a high profile escort?

It is crucial that you continue reading if, by chance, you have never reserved an exclusive escort before, if you have ever experienced any doubts or disappointments, or if you would just like to know how to receive the finest reaction and service from your companion (or people in general). Despite being lengthy, it is well worth reading.

These guidelines for high class escorts from Miss Urvashi are meant to give you as much information as possible on how to get ready for your reservation. You might be naturally good at some things, but not so good at others. Likewise, the opposite is true. Since people make mistakes, we don't expect either our clients or our escorts to be flawless. But we do ask that you try your hardest to make it the most pleasurable experience for you both. Naturally, you can anticipate the same level of dedication from your guide. You'll notice that both parties have a better experience as a result. As you acquire experience, your talents will advance and your bookings will become even more enjoyable!

Let's begin at the outset...

Regardless of experience level, employing a "intimacy and eroticism" is similar to hiring any other professional, such as a mechanic, lawyer, or physician. For a service, you give them money. Whatever the service, you'll usually receive a better outcome if you treat the professional nicely than if you don't. In addition, our escorts will handle you like a valued client and even establish a sincere and real bond. Just as any other expert enjoys seeing their loyal clients again, they also look forward to seeing you again.

Just like those with other jobs, escorts earn a living from their work. That being said, they do have some financial motivation. However, most people chose their vocation because they find it enjoyable. The mechanic you pay to fix your automobile is working for the money, of course, but he also probably enjoys what he does. It's identical to that. Because you're a nice customer, your technician might be your friend and like working on your automobile. You can build a similar kind of relationship with your escort. As you work together more often, you will get to know one another and discover your shared interests, which will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Here at Miss Urvashi, we've raised the bar and are adamant about avoiding employing escorts with the wrong mindset. Thus, ordinary job and doing anything only for payment are out of the question. If your escort didn't appreciate her job, she wouldn't be doing it in general. Nonetheless, there are several actions you may take—or refrain from taking—to make sure your escort enjoys their time with you. It is always worthwhile to invest the time and energy necessary to create a unique and delightful experience for both parties. You receive what you give. Therefore, if you follow this escort etiquette, you will have an amazing experience that will beyond all of your expectations.

Why should one spend time with an elegant escort?

Are you wondering why using a premium escort service is preferable to using a standard one when making reservations? That's like to asking, "Why eat at a fancy restaurant when you can just microwave it?" The solution will become abundantly clear throughout the entire amazing encounter.

All joking aside. For completely diverse reasons, people reserve upscale escorts, both male and female. Because they want to live out a specific desire, learn how to become a better lover, spicify their relationship, and more; because they appreciate the intimacy and companionship; because they are passionate and eroticism-filled. For any reason, following guidelines for proper escort behavior will ensure that you get the most out of your particular escort experience.

Making use of the upscale escortservice

Prior to making contact with an escort service, make sure of three things:

  1. Are the escortservice's charges affordable for you?
  2. Are you looking for the kind of escort that is being offered?
  3. Is the companion service trustworthy?

You should only get in touch with the escort service if you can honestly say "Yes" to these questions and indicate that you would like to schedule an escort.

Make sure to introduce yourself, state your interest, and inquire about the next steps when getting in touch with the escort service. Remain kind and professional while keeping in mind that this is a commercial deal. Every escort service has its own protocols, ranging from phone reservations that remain anonymous to complete online booking choices. The terms and conditions that the escortservice desires to function under are frequently elucidated on their website. Just get in touch with another escortservice if they seem unreasonable to you.

The escort service prices are the same. You should never haggle over prices; if they are too high, you can simply say that they are more than you had anticipated and walk on. Being courteous comes at no cost. Pushing limits, attempting to bargain over terms and conditions, or acting rudely will usually result in less courteous treatment and expulsion from the service. Since the safety and comfort of the escorts are their top priorities, a reputable escort agency won't subject them to the same mistreatment.

Bookings are typically made online using a form where you can specify all of your choices at your own pace. You can contact us by phone, email, or even WhatsApp messaging for additional inquiries and guidance. You may anticipate a nonjudgmental, honest, and professional approach when contacting Miss Urvashi, and we demand the same in return. Please reserve your nasty talk for when you check in. We've heard all the stories about your amazing sexual abilities and enormous manhood, so they're not likely to pique anyone's interest.

Please be as open and truthful as you can with us. Finding the ideal escort for you is something we both want to do. It is convenient and enjoyable for us and our aristocratic escorts to get an initial opinion of you. We can more accurately determine who is the best fit for you and increase our chances of meeting and surpassing your expectations if you provide more information about yourself in advance.

Prior to the reservation

Fantastic! Your ideal escort and you have an upcoming reservation. Next, here's how to get ready for your reservation:

Personal hygiene: The likelihood of your escort willingly engaging in sensual games with you is inversely related to how clean you are. Intimacy is more likely to occur on a clean and odor-free body, but foul odors discourage this. So, make sure you're really clean. Shower thoroughly, focusing on hard-to-reach areas like your teeth, armpits, genitalia, and buttocks. Be sure to maintain neatly manicured nails, feet, and hands. Make sure your favorite scent is there, too, so your escort can subtly greet you with a kiss.

Before you book with one of our escorts, get rid of any unwanted facial or body hair by shaving or trimming. Keep the escort's skin smooth and undamaged by not growing stubble. The "sanding-down" by a five o'clock shadow isn't exactly seen as a provocative move by most people.

Put on clean underwear: The escort will not drag you into a reenactment of Nine and a Half Weeks if they see that your underwear resembles the dirty dishes in the sink, even if a bus crash is not in your future.

Preparation is key: Every booking begins with a social component, where you and your escort can meet and mingle outside of the bedroom. Until then, the ambiance isn't really steamy, and your escort is eager to gently strip you in a teaser. Until then, dress to make an impression while still being yourself. Although a well-tailored suit is ideal, jeans will do if you'd rather not dress formally. Most customers wear business casual attire. Make the most of your one opportunity to create a first impression.

Whether you're receiving the escort at your home or a hotel, it's important to keep the area clean. At the absolute least, you should expect a clean, made-up bed, fresh towels, a toilet free of brake marks, etc. You can't go wrong with a night out when there's seductive music playing in the background, a comfortable temperature, and soft candlelight.

Money: Many customers prefer to pay in advance through bank transfer because dealing with money can be slightly harmful to the environment. When your escort arrives, you will be asked to pay, if you have chosen to do so during your appointment. As an escort, you don't have to keep track of the change like a cashier. With the money in an open envelope, discreetly give it to your companion. Make sure the sum is accurate; you already know how much it will cost. Otherwise, you and your partner will be embarrassed.

In terms of alcohol, you can get away with a Gin and Tonic to calm your nerves or a brandy to get you pumped up. It would be foolish to buy ten beer bottles. Alcohol is more of a depressant than a stimulant, so while it may make you feel more relaxed and energized in the bedroom, it really makes it more likely that you won't be able to reach orgasm at all. Medications are no different. Dope use prior to or during the booking will almost always lead to an unpleasant experience, both for the client and the escort.

Gifts: Everyone loves receiving gifts, even though they are never expected or necessary. In the profile, you can see which escorts each one prefers. Just thinking about your escort before you spend time with them will make them feel extra special.

Finally, accompanied by the elite escort

Politeness is timeless; show it some grace. Grab her coat, get your escort something to drink, compliment her, strike up a conversation, and show that you're interested in her. No matter how stunning the escort appears, you should not reach out and touch her the second she arrives through the door. Even if you're paying for her time, treating her with some dignity will be beneficial in the long run. You and the escort are free to keep the conversation light and casual or delve into your complete life story and deepest secrets, whatever you like. Whenever the two of you are in the same emotional state, the ambiance will inevitably become closer.

Never, ever ask someone their real name. How does your partner rate your performance on the job? Tell me how long you've been in this field. Are your folks aware of what you do for a living? Could you tell me your salary? Why don't you tie the knot with a wealthy man and put this job behind you? How many customers can you serve in a single evening? Asking questions like "What does your partner think of this?" may be quite intrusive and condescending, so it's best to avoid them unless you want to provoke a similarly embarrassing response. What is your level of experience in this area? How much do your kids know about your escorts? Are you aware that your boss is here? A diet may be something you've considered in the past.

Maintaining secrecy is essential for both our clients and the escorts. Due to this, we kindly request that you refrain from physical contact with anyone outside of your private residence or hotel room, just as you would with friends or business acquaintances. If you're in the city where the escort resides or frequently visits, this becomes quite crucial. Meeting up with old friends during your booking is not out of the question. If you know the escort, they will remain silent and let you to initiate discussion. As an example, if you present the escort as a coworker, the escort will play along with your words. Nevertheless, the escort will promptly excuse herself to visit the restroom. If this were to happen to you, you would likewise be expected to behave similarly.

Stay hydrated by offering your escort food and drink at all times. Each escort's profile details their preferred libations, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You have the option to either prearrange this or wait for the escort to arrive while you order room service or peruse the minibar. Delicious food is one of life's greatest pleasures. It goes without saying that our escorts enjoy going to fancy restaurants. Feeling like staying in? Of course. A small snack like fruit or cheese is usually welcome, but if your escort is going to be with you for six hours or more, you should feed them something substantial so they don't become hungry. Is this going to be your overnight? Additionally, remember to supply breakfast.

First and foremost, you should never give or ask for an escort's contact details. There will be repercussions for this action because it is against the terms and conditions of our services. The services will be cut off and penalties can be levied. This goes beyond just breaking the rules; it's also offensive and betrays the confidence people have in you. You have been paired with an ideal escort, and your "reward" is an effort to defraud us. Additionally, the escort finds the request offensive. By casting doubt on her dependability, you are implying that the escort is not worth the fee. You want more from the escort but are willing to pay less, and she is fully aware of this. One major distinction between free and paid sex is the relative affordability of the two. Avoid social shame by treating the escort and our service with the utmost respect. Last but not least, would you like to conduct one-on-one conversations with your escort? But are you serious about dismissing this golden rule as irrelevant? In that case, you've found the incorrect escort service, not to mention us. Find a good escort who can work alone; don't be selfish.

The details... sexual encounters with a wealthy escort

Talk about what you want: Our escorts can't read minds and need to know quickly what you enjoy and don't like. Also, after you've gotten to know each other a bit, talking about your desires may be a thrilling and entertaining experience. Let us know what you're looking for. Even if your every desire is unfulfilled, your escort will never pass judgment.

If the escort cannot provide your requested service, simply say "no." Put that down! Don't spoil the atmosphere. Enquire about the escort's preferred method of physical contact. Everyone is unique, no matter how much or how little life experience you have. Being thoughtful is the first indicator of a wonderful lover. A second-rate lover is someone who shows complete disregard for the other person's needs. Never think you have all the answers, since that's just how life is. Your mind is closed if you can't be presented something fresh. Even when we're intimate, we shouldn't stop learning!

Sex that is safe: Our escorts are committed to providing their clients with the tools they need for safe sex. When engaging in oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse with a male client, a condom must always be used. Asking for hazardous sex is unacceptable. The booking will be immediately terminated without any refund due to this. The escort will use a condom and other safety measures, such as not touching each other near the genitalia, not touching anal to vaginal contact, and looking out for symptoms of communicable diseases like cold sores.

Concise and general sex advice

Embrace your insecurities; they are normal, but they shouldn't dampen your spirits. You won't get the most out of sex when everyone is too concerned with your appearance, scent, and taste.

The moment has come to undress; do it with the grace befitting a sophisticated gift, not a plaything for children. First things first: take off your socks and ditch the t-shirt that's been hiding your body. You are stunning just as you are.

Wedgie: Gently stroking someone's undergarments can be incredibly alluring. Soaking the substance in body fluids by drawing it up between the butt cheeks is not.

The nipples are quite delicate and easily hurt. Caress and soothe them tenderly. A quick flick of the tongue over them will do the trick. Disguising them as a toy for dogs isn't right.

Similar to gentle caressing, blowing on skin can stimulate the senses. There is, however, a distinction between being erotic and blowing out your candles like it's your 50th birthday. It is painful.

Indulge in a sensual and soothing massage to set the tone. Elbows and knees are not acceptable, but hands and fingers are. Gentle, leisurely strokes only, please.

To seduce each other, wait until you are both looking at each other's penis or vagina, then push for a mouth-to-penis or vaginal contact as quickly as possible. Speak seductively to your lover if you desire them to open their mouth. If you find yourself in the fortunate position of having oral sex, stay still. Unwind a bit.

Applying lubricant is highly advised since it enhances pleasure for both sexes. Anal penetration cannot take place without it.

When penetrating, take it easy and make sure your thrusts are clean, straight, and consistent. Doing nothing but pumping away like a power tool is the worst thing you can do. This is not about pumping gas; it's about satisfying your sexuality. To attain less deep penetration, be gentle and prevent discomfort, as it will cause the other person to tense up and close. Instead than making one person do all the work, switch roles every so then.

Warning: Being motionless when lying on your back will give the impression that you aren't enjoying yourself, even to the most self-assured partner. But it might be excessive to yell bloody murder and wake up the neighbors. Keep things natural unless you want your spouse to suffocate you with a pillow. things's great to hear you're having fun.

Some people reach orgasm quite fast, while others take much longer. Enjoying an orgasmic experience is great, but that's not all there is to sex. Your climax will be far more powerful, pleasurable, and memorable if you build the correct anticipation. It may help to build up your sexual energy by refusing yourself multiple times before releasing it. When you do, you'll understand...

Rough sex: A "Fifty shades of grey" experience cannot be anticipated on a first booking because it necessitates an established trust connection, extensive discussion of expectations and boundaries, and other preparatory work. Our escorts are not psychics either. Be careful to state your limits if you prefer it tough. Our escorts will not take the chance of misinterpreting nuanced cues...

Period: During their menstrual period, our escorts do not accept bookings. Female customers are also anticipated to do the same.

Properly storing used condoms is essential for their disposal. Cover it with Kleenex and throw it away. Avoid flushing condoms. They drown the marine life that lives on our beaches when they get there.

A man's practical guide to sex

Penis: using light pressure, stroke the penis upward and downward while massaging it with lubrication. Be careful not to pull down too forcefully, since this can cause severe bleeding and even rip the frenulum, a tiny strip of skin that connects the penis head.

The majority of men get pleasure from stroking, licking, or tickling their balls. He probably won't appreciate it if you tug or squeeze his balls too hard unless he's a masochist.

The secret to satisfying oral sex is making vaginal sounds and movements with your mouth. As you go up and down, wrap your entire mond around the penis. Gently press down with your lips and "suck" to generate a little vacuum. Go as far as you're comfortable going up and down the penis. Exude an irresistible allure. You shouldn't suck so forcefully that you bleed out your penis. Above all else, refrain from touching the penis with your teeth.

A penis may not have any bones, but that doesn't mean it can't be broken. If you're in a position of power, exercise caution when engaging in harsher sex. Even a little slip might cause the penis to flex to the point where it ruptures.

When aroused, a man's prostate provides a nice anal sex experience, albeit this isn't the case for everyone. Prior to taking any action, double-check everything. Gently stroke the penis as you slowly insert a finger. A walnut-sized "ball" will be felt when you press upwards (towards the belly button). The prostate is that. Caress it gently.

The whole man: Much like a woman, a man's physique has many more appealing parts than just his penis. To that end, you should begin to focus on them. Gently caress his chest, buttocks, and neck...

Embarrass the penis: The inability to keep an erection going strong is a man's worst fear. However, things will escalate if you become angry or make fun of the penis. There is a contingency plan, so you can relax and enjoy your time together.

A woman-pleasing guide with practical sex advice

Breasts: Pay attention to the entire breast, not simply the parts that are highlighted. Gently rub, pat, and calm them. You're not supposed to behave like a housewife checking the ripeness of a melon.

When you want to stimulate the clitoris, use your fingers and tongue to gently roll down its side or just above and below it. Refrain from applying direct pressure; it's unpleasant.

Vaginal: Pay attention and don't rush anything. Before you insert a finger inside her to gauge her preference, it's ideal to focus on her clitoris and the outside of her vagina. Use your finger to mimic the "come here" motion and activate her G-spot.

During oral sex, try not to behave like a colossal kitten with a glass of milk. Gently rotate or flick your tongue on her clitoris while bringing your entire lips down there. Teeth missing!

A variety of ladies have different preferences when it comes to anal sex. Consult her at all times. Do not insert a finger into her anus out of the blue. You can still build up to anal sex in a calm and spontaneous manner, even if that's her preference. It is important to change the condom or wash up thoroughly before transitioning from anal to vaginal contact.

Completion: A woman is more than a one-way road with two exits (East and West Breastville) and one (the Midtown Tunnel)! As you dive headfirst into downtown Vagina, you've neglected to explore several parts of her body. To that end, you should begin to focus on them. Caress her all over: arms, face, tummy, ankles, etc.

Unlike males, women don't resume where they left off, so don't stop. Stopping sends them tumbling rapidly back to the starting point. Ignoring a numb jaw is of no consequence compared to the satisfaction you can bring a woman. Pay attention to her nonverbal cues, and you'll get there quicker. Poke her in the nose and see what she thinks.

Final score

If you can't afford to play overtime, don't play overtime. There will not be a "quickie" in the next fifteen minutes. As soon as the escort gets out of the shower, you should start a conversation with them about whether to prolong your booking or to offer them a towel. You won't be able to keep pumping for hours until you've had enough. You already agreed to the time-based nature of the contract. Please be considerate that the escort may have other commitments and ask for more time if you would want them to remain longer if your appointment is already scheduled.

You shouldn't expect an escort to go out of their way to compensate you for things like buying them food or drinks or suggesting they go to the movies. No matter how well you get along or how much the escort likes you, you should both remember that business is business. Above all else, an escort is just a professional. Have you ever considered the possibility of having your lawyer draught additional contracts on your behalf, but you're worried that he would charge you for his time and work from the comfort of his own home? No. How about a few hours of free advise from your accountant? No. Make no mistake about it. The only difference is that instead of paying for the escorts' legal or mathematical knowledge, you pay for their companionship, sensuality, and time.

It is greatly appreciated, but not expected, to tip your escort if you believe that your time with them was enjoyable and memorable. Subtly and elegantly passing it to the escort is a great way to end your time together. Please let us know how your booking with us was and if you have any comments or suggestions. How would you rate our agency and the escort you had the most fun with? Since it helps us improve our services, feedback is always carefully considered.

We can now locate the ideal match for you based on your current knowledge on how to properly treat a high-class escort.