Worldwide reservations with our elite escort in Delhi

Although most of our elite escorts are based in major cities like Delhi, Gurgaon , Noida, they are occasionally accessible for international reservations. Any major city in the world is within our escorts' purview because they are avid globetrotters. Take your preferred escort on a romantic flight to your destination. Going somewhere you long to call home is even better! No matter what kind of trip you have in mind, our escorts are prepared with passports.

We are more than delighted to assist you in your search for an escort, whether you require one for a personal holiday or business travel. Booking on a global scale is less complicated and takes less time than you may imagine. Our proficiency as travel agents is a direct result of our years of expertise in arranging foreign bookings. Of course, the customer is responsible for paying any and all travel expenses; however, there are no hidden fees associated with our overseas booking service. It makes no difference if it is more difficult or time-consuming.

Executive companionship on a professional journey

Traveling the world for business is more of the norm than the exception for many driven and ambitious entrepreneurs. If you are visiting Delhi on business, we would be delighted to host you so you can unwind and have fun after a long day. However, this is also an option if your job takes you somewhere other than Delhi. Not only can your preferred escort accompany you for a night or two, but she is also accessible for extended business travels. During the day, you can focus on your business, while your escort can either explore the neighborhood or get ready for the evening. Is there still time in the workday and do you have a business dinner scheduled? Rest assured, our elite escorts are well-mannered, articulate, and discreet, making them the perfect companions for your business dinner.

Enchanted city tour with your personal escort

Traveling to a new city and experiencing its many facets, from its art and architecture to its cuisine and nightlife, is an exciting adventure. If only for a short while, you can get away from it all. You may see the city's most romantic spots from a whole new angle with the help of a high-class escort from Miss Urvashi. Take in the breathtaking scenery as you stroll hand in hand through the most picturesque neighborhoods. You can have another fantastic day together after a passionate evening, a late breakfast in bed, and a lovely dinner.

A perfect vacation with an elegant escort in Delhi

While most of our overseas bookings are for shorter stays in major cities, we have been an integral part of numerous exceptional vacations. We are delighted to collaborate with you in planning your ideal vacation, whether it's a romantic getaway for two in your ideal location or a more intimate gathering of close friends and family. Let us provide you with some samples to spark your imagination;

  • The most desirable vacation spot; a number of escorts have been to the most far-flung tropical islands. Cocktails, opulent overwater villas, palm tree-lined white sand beaches, bikini-clad diving and snorkeling, need we say more?
  • An empathetic couple spent a week in Ibiza with one of our escorts. Spend your days lounging by the pool and your nights dancing the night away at a trendy club. And don't forget about those steamy threesomes!
  • Exciting safari treks: Whether you're looking for an African glamping safari or a Lapland safari with reindeer and huskies, our escorts are always up for an adventure.
  • We supplied multiple escorts for a few days aboard a luxury charter yacht as it floated among the Greek islands for a bigger group (an incentive trip).

Conditions for bookings made from outside the country

Potential new customers: We conduct additional screenings and terms for international bookings with new clients. You must submit your Screening Form before your reservation may be considered. Every request is carefully considered.

Reservation minimum: 12–16 hours is the standard for most European cities. It will take at least 24 to 48 hours for other international locations. Based on the available travel alternatives, your booking duration is carefully organized. The time it takes to complete your booking, including any delays caused by non-availability or unsuitability of your desired departure or arrival times, is a component of the total booking time. You will also be responsible for covering any related expenses related to lodging. Travel time is always included in the total booking period when you travel with your escort.

Payment and rates: A Guaranteed Booking is necessary at all times, and the Standard Rates are applicable at all times. For Delhi, this includes airport transfers up to 150 km. All extra charges, such travel, are your responsibility on top of the booking rate. Take notice that all of these costs are subject to a 21% VAT rise. Half of the total cost of the reservation and all extra charges must be paid in advance by bank transfer. We will plan the trip and gather additional details once we receive your deposit. Escort travel bookings cannot be made by clients because of privacy concerns.

For their own protection, our elite bodyguards avoid visiting nations with particularly harsh travel warnings, strong religious forces, severe gender disparity, or repressive laws.

Regarding the mode of transportation, the most convenient one that requires the fewest transfers and the least amount of time overall will be selected. Traveling by air is in economy class, whereas taking the train is in first class. Regardless of the choices for cancellation or adjustments, the lowest ticket will be chosen unless otherwise agreed. Feel free to provide your escort with a more flexible and comfortable travel class if you choose. No escort will leave for your booking location before 6:00 am unless doing so is absolutely required. Your personal escort will be given a private bedroom for the first night if the door-to-door journey time is more than twelve hours. Your reservation includes this night. Just over the Delhi border, we have a set charge package for bookings.

The tastes of our elite escorts

Keep in mind that most of our escorts are either full-time students or full-time workers. As a result, you should plan ahead of time to make your overseas reservation. Two days' notice is required for our European escorts and four days' notice for our worldwide escorts, however more is always better.

Be polite and try your best to make your escort's stay enjoyable; this is a basic expectation. Your escort is required to contact our office daily; in exchange, you must grant them permission and ensure their privacy. Your escort needs to be available at all times, have consistent internet access, and eat three meals a day on the house.

Your escort will be more effective for your booking if she takes breaks and gets enough of rest. We kindly request that you make every effort to guarantee that your escort can get a full night's sleep without interruptions. As an added bonus, the escort needs around two hours of alone time every day to do things like keep up with personal care (sports, hairdresser, etc.), organize the home front (private and work/study), and so on. When you reserve an escort for more than 24 hours in advance, it is preferred—but not necessary—that they have their own hotel room.

Convenience: A booking's activities can vary greatly. Whether it's hanging out on a beach all day or going shopping or playing a sport. In order for the escort to be ready, we kindly request that you inform us of your plans. Your escort will need a little relaxation time before calling it a day, no matter what you have planned. Please remember this or feel free to seek our guidance and assistance if needed.