Take a luxurious escort to a couples club.

Most of us have watched the slightly risqué film "Eyes wide shut" and day dreamed about attending an erotica-themed party in our own lives. At a couples club, swingers event, or sensual party, you can ask one of our classy escorts or callgirls to accompany you.

On these nights, couples who aren't afraid to go a little wild get together to flirt, watch each other make love, or even get in on the action as part of smaller sensuous trios or bigger erotica-themed group parties. The voyeuristic or exhibitionist side of you may come out in full force at a couples club, swingerclub, or sexy party. In this secure yet sexually charged setting, you are free to act out your wildest sexual fantasies. You may read about our clients' and our exclusive escorts' wild fantasies about attending this event here.

Where can we find the sexiest clubs in Delhi?

Only couples or single women are welcome at the more exclusive upmarket parties; gentlemen are not allowed to attend these events on their own. The goal of this approach is to maintain an air of intrigue and sensuality at the party without allowing it to become raucous or vulgar. Our escorts, it goes without saying, frequent posh erotica parties, swingerclubs, and select couples. This implies that our escorts in Delhi are available to accompany you to club. Our elite escorts frequent the following erotica venues. You must consult with us and get our explicit consent before you can attend any other (private) erotic party or clubs.

Suggestions and necessities for intimate gatherings, nightclubs, and erotica

Before you go to an erotica party, make sure you know your escort or callgirl.

There are certain specifications and guidelines that must be met in order to provide a service of this kind. To start, you should only hire this service with escorts you are familiar with. Since you're planning to attend the event as a pair, it's reasonable to assume that you've been there before as a "couple" via an earlier reservation.

What if there is a dress code for the couple's club or the sexy event?

The majority of our escorts have an extensive wardrobe full of provocative garments, perfect for a night out at the couples club or swingerclub. Having said that, there is a strict dress code for certain high-end sexy events. Whether it's specialized lingerie, masks, or any other kind of apparel, you're on the hook for providing it. We can also arrange to have the escort's equipment purchased if sufficient notice is given. A bank transfer is needed as a down payment for this.

Bring each other on the journey to and from the couples club.

Your hotel or private house is the ideal starting and ending point for your reservation. This is mandatory for first-time customers or those who have never met their escort before. Transportation must be arranged for this duration, which is included in your reservation. Although it is never recommended, meeting at the swingers club or sexual party directly is an option if you already know the escort. Even in this kind of environment, every reservation begins with a social component, so bear that in mind if you go that route.

Reserving ahead of time is essential.

A reservation is usually necessary for coupleclubs and swingersparties. The reservation is your responsibility. You are free to use your own surname as the escort if the names of both guests are requested. No identification will be requested of guests.

It is up to the escort to determine if additional couples are involved.

The escort will have a great time at the club or party observing and being observed by other couples. As an added perk, the escort is game to hang out with other couples (and ladies). But it's entirely up to the escort if they choose to go along. Mood and rapport with other attendees play a significant role in this. You can't pick other customers and expect the escort to get erotica by hanging out with them.

Couples Club Prices

Going to a couples club, swingers club, or sexual party with an escort will cost you an extra PAYMENT each visit.