The PSE, or the Pornstar Experience

If you're looking for an intimate and passionate sensual experience, our elite escorts can provide you with the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or the Boyfriend Experience (BFE). For those seeking a significantly more adventurous, unrestrained, raw, and active pornographic sex experience, a few of our escorts also provide what is known as the Pornstar Experience.

On a weekly basis, the vast majority of men and women indulge in pornographic media. It is hardly surprising that many people fantasize about having an experience like the ones seen in porn videos, given how accessible and often porn is viewed. This is something that some of our escorts can provide.

Plurkstar Experience (PSE): What Is It?

While the Girlfriend and Boyfriend Experiences tend to center on romanticism and sensuality, the Pornstar Experience tends to center on roughness, passion, and mischief. During a Pornstar Experience, the man is more likely to be the dominant partner than the woman. You may see how available an escort is for a Pornstar Experience based on their erotic tastes in their profile, but please note that this additional service is never guaranteed.

When I think about sexual things, what should I do?

Things that can be included in a Pornstar Experience (PSE) include more daring and vigorous sex positions, noisy sex with nasty language, hard kissing, spanking, hair pulling, anal play, sex toys, and naughty kinky clothes. What exactly you do, though, is entirely up to you and the escort. No photography or video recording is allowed during a booking, even though the service's sexual encounter could look like something out of a pornographic film.

Several regulations and standards for the Pornstar Service

An close encounter with a pornstar escort in Delhi

Do not mistake the Pornstar Experience for a cold, impersonal affair that lacks any sort of preamble. We do not provide this service at all with our escorts. Building the kind of trust necessary for the Pornstar Experience, which is characterized by great intimacy and lack of inhibitions, takes more than a few minutes. The Pornstar Experience can only be provided by an escort that is totally at ease with you and has had some time to get to know you. Even with a short notice, this is unusual to be offered on a first reservation. Take your time getting to know your escort; it will go a long way in making them feel at ease.

Even if you're a regular customer, special requests like BDSM (domestic or submissive), A-levels (anal sex), Pornstar Experience, fetish and fantasy, etc. will never be fulfilled with our newest escorts.

Only safe sex is offered by our escorts in Delhi

Unlike in pornographic films, our elite escorts provide only safe sex. One must wear protection whether engaging in oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse. No escort from our service offers OWO, CIM, or CIF.

Share your desires and interests

Sharing your wildest desires with your escort is just as vital as getting to know her so you can both relax and enjoy the ride. Feel free to elaborate on your preferences, the aspects of the Pornstar Experience that you enjoy, and the factors that led you to select this specific service. Get down to brass tacks about your preferences and the escort's. This could save some uncomfortable conversations that might happen under pressure. And always keep in mind that "no" is definitely not an option. No need to talk about it.