Elegant escorts available for your special occasion anywhere in Delhi

We get requests for larger group appointments from time to time, but our premium escort service is primarily focused on romantic and private one-on-ones. Take, for instance, a group of elite escorts that can elevate your guys' night out to the next level, or an escort decked out in the finest luxury lingerie who can serve your visitors a fine glass of champagne. for an unforgettable bachelor party, you may just ask for any and all available escorts.

The chance to explore new sexual territory is one perk of working as a high class escort, which our escorts really enjoy. A few of our escorts probably wouldn't be interested in this, but for the most part, they love nothing more than sharing an intense and sensuous evening with a big group of people. But the dangers for our escorts grow in proportion to the number of people in the party and the amount of alcohol they drink. That is definitely something to think about, which is why we establish explicit expectations beforehand.

Just so we're clear: our elite Delhi escorts offer fun both in and out of the bedroom. Does the sensual side not interest you at all? Since our agency does not provide a sexually explicit service, we would be happy to recommend another escort service that does. No matter the setting or the people you're with, a premium escort provides much more than simply erotica. When making a reservation with a bigger group, the social component is just as crucial. Our escorts' remarkable people skills create an intimate, wild, and entertaining environment, which you will quickly come to appreciate.

Level up your celebration with our escort service in Delhi

Bookings with a larger group can look very different depending on the specifics. Also, the setting can be anything from a large villa with a pool to a house with a jacuzzi in the backyard, a private jet, a limo, a boat, or even a really lovely hotel suite. For your convenience, we have categorized bookings with larger groups into several tiers to show you the possibilities and the costs. We also provide an example of a booking with this level of detail, which highlights the importance of the client-to-escort ratio.

Less escorts are available for your request as you go up the level. Only 50% of our premium escorts are available for Level 4 engagements, as most of them prefer Level 1 clients. For every request, we verify the availability of the escorts.

Would you be open to booking with a bigger party? Our booking form can be filled out by a single individual. As far as the booking is concerned, this individual is the primary booker and go-to contact.

Level 1:One to one, Charge nothing: Fun for the whole family! Intimate, entertaining, and sensual evenings with our elite escorts are waiting for you and your companions. An ever-deepening attachment is formed between each individual and their assigned escort. If you are interested in connecting with multiple escorts, the level 2 cost is applicable.

LEVEL 2: Surcharge/escort, Ratio 2:1. Let the celebration begin! With a drink of bubbly in hand, meet our elite escorts and let the celebration begin. Is it fun for everyone? After that, things get steamy, and you can see strip shows and other sexual performances. Maybe you can get more out of the escort if you charm her.

Level 3: escort fee: A bachelor party or other special event? Join our escorts in celebrating this special occasion with an evening of sensual entertainment. Is it a wonderful ambiance? Then our escorts will gladly put on an erotic display and strip tease you. Even more sensual is the evening when you're with the perfect person...

Level 4 and beyond requires an additional fee each escort: We offer first-rate escorts that would be perfect for your (sexy) celebration. From sexual exhibitions to costume parties and ball masquerades, I've served them in the most exquisite luxury lingerie. Were you fortunate? After that, things get very dirty in the evening.

Unique requirements for bigger parties

Time required to hire and number of escorts

Depending on your Level and request, the minimum number of escorts you can book and their length can vary. There is no way to use this booking type for anything less than a three-hour length with no more than two escorts.

Payment in advance by wire transfer

Payment in part is required in advance by bank transfer for reservations with bigger groups. Level determines the amount of deposit needed. If any of the guests have used our escort service before, it makes a difference as well.

We need to know who will be there.

Please include your full legal name, date of birth, and country of citizenship in order to make a reservation with our escort service. All guests at the reservation need to have their details filled out. If we do this, the escort won't have to rush out of the booking because she ran into an old friend. The escorts have the option to either cancel the appointment or proceed with double the surcharge if the information provided about the number of people attending the booking is insufficient or wrong.

Photos, films, and the use of mobile devices are absolutely forbidden.

Private time is important to our elite escorts, just as it is to our customers. So, even if our high-class escorts are unrecognizable, you still can't take pictures or films of them. Please refrain from using your mobile phones during your booking so that you do not accidentally record this memorable evening.

Sexual content and erotica throughout your reservation

No matter how accommodating an escort is, the top-tier escort ultimately determines for herself whether or not to engage in sexual relations, with whom, and in what settings (private, public, etc.).

Intoxicants, illicit substances, and healthy sexual intercourse

When our elite escorts detect signs of drug or alcohol usage, they promptly end the booking. It is important to promptly end a booking if the client requests dangerous sex or does not respect boundaries. You are not eligible for a refund under these circumstances.

Additional protection for our elite escorts in Delhi

Having extra security on hand during your booking may be necessary in some instances. You will have to pay for this in full. As the group grows in size and includes individuals with whom our escort service has little to no prior experience, the likelihood that security measures will be necessary rises.