A fancy escort takes you out to dinner in Delhi

Elegance, intelligence, discretion, and charisma characterize our elite escorts. Dinner dates with them are a breeze because they are at ease in any social situation. A private, sensual dessert after a romantic supper is the perfect way to get to know each other.

A dinner date begins with a candlelit meal for two with your elegant escort. Indulge in delicious cuisine and drinks as you get to know one another. You can make the Girlfriend Experience and the Boyfriend Experience even more epic by spending time together like you would on a real date. You will retire to the bedroom after a decadent dinner for a more intimate and sensual atmosphere to continue the booking.

Some suggestions for a romantic dinner in Delhi

Every high-class escort has a profile that details their preferred cuisine. The majority of escorts favor restaurants that are contemporary, intimate, and quiet. Because they took an etiquette class, our escorts are completely at ease in a five-star restaurant, therefore it's no surprise that they like it. Having such a lavish environment, though, is by no means necessary. If you're looking for a restaurant with a more laid-back vibe, our escorts will gladly accompany you.

When choosing a restaurant, you have the option to use your preferred review board. We would also be delighted to recommend a great restaurant to you. We have already compiled a list of suggestions for escort-led dinner dates in several locations in Delhi. To help you choose a restaurant that suits your taste, we have included a search option on our website.

It would be inappropriate to take your high-class escort to a lot of places. Fast food joints, snack bars, buffets, restaurants with a "all you can eat" premise, and similar establishments fall under this category. The establishment has extra needs when you make a dinner date reservation. On top of everything else, this booking type also doesn't work in restaurants that sell small plates, like cafés, pizzerias, sushi joints, or bars.

Dinner dates at a discount

We offer dinner dates at a discounted charge to accommodate our escorts' preference for this type of outing and, in part, to cover their time spent traveling to and from the restaurant. Nevertheless, certain restrictions do apply:

  • Within 15 kilometers of the escort's location, your reservation takes place in Delhi.
  • Your first half of the reservation will be spent out and about with your elite escort.
  • A gastronomic dinner date requires you to devote the first half of the evening to a three-course meal. Your dinner date can begin at 17:30 and end at 8:30, lasting anywhere from five to eight hours.
  • In a cultural Dinner Date, you and your date will have a two-course meal before heading out to a cultural event like a concert, theater, or show for the second half of the evening. Your dinner date can begin at 16:00 (3:30 PM) and end at 19:30 (7:30 PM), and it will go for 4 hours.
  • From the restaurant (and the expedition), you and your escort will always travel together. The time it takes to travel to and from this location is largely compensated for by the reduced pricing during the booking process. Because of this, we will not be meeting at your hotel or residence for the meal; rather, we will be going somewhere else. If your hotel has a Michelin-starred restaurant or if you hire our private chef Vincent to prepare a meal for you and your escort, we will make an exception.

Unless otherwise specified, the regular rates will be used. When you book with this pricing tier, it is standard practice to treat your high-class escort to a tasty snack or drink.