Looking for some company? book an escort in Delhi

Our premium Delhi escorts are perfect for Companionship Only appointments because they are sophisticated, perceptive, and discreet. No sexual or eroticaly suggestive content is included in Companionship Only rentals. The allure of the escorts should be appreciated, not touched. When you step out of a car, it's polite to offer the escort your hand. When you welcome, kiss their cheek. If the escort is cold, wrap your arm around them. However, this kind of reservation should have an air more akin to that of a casual get-together with friends or coworkers than a romantic one.

For Companionship Only, there are numerous advantages to hiring one of our premium escorts in Delhi. Take going out to a fancy restaurant, the theater, or a concert as examples of situations where you would prefer company. To top it all off, you're a tourist who wants to see the attractions. We understand that this isn't your ideal solo pursuit. Another option is that you are single and have received an invitation to a social or business event that was meant for you and your partner. It could be a good idea to invite a friend or family member to help you relax and enjoy yourself in a more laid-back atmosphere.

Invite the most stunning guest to the celebration.

When it comes to being single, these days it seems like everyone is looking out for number one. That being said, it's quite normal to want nothing more than to spend some time with a friend. Typical couple activities outside of the bedroom include watching a movie, making supper, participating in sports, going shopping, and so on. In certain cases, this form of friendship is more satisfying than engaging in sexual activity. Even a fun vacation can be had with the escort by your side. Another option is to bring your most stunning ex-girlfriend or boyfriend to the party so you can be the center of attention.

Before going close, make sure you know your escort or callgirl.

Another scenario where a Companionship Only booking could be useful is when you're interested in getting to know one of our high-class escorts on a more casual basis before committing to a more serious "regular" booking. Customers who are looking to arrange longer sessions often start by inviting the escort out for lunch or dinner only, before adding sexiness to their longer booking.

Prices for bookings that involve companionship only in Delhi

The location of your booking determines the minimum booking time for Companionship Only, which is typically 3 hours. There is a three-hour minimum for bookings within ten kilometers, a five-hour minimum within fifty kilometers, and a twelve-hour minimum within one hundred kilometers of the escort's base. Please note that all other places require at least 16 to 48 hours. For bookings including only companionship, the charge is 60% of the escort's usual rates. Included in the rate are travel expenses up to 150 kilometers.

Terms and conditions for appointments involving companionship only

No sexual or eroticaly suggestive content is included in Companionship Only rentals. During a Companionship Only booking, it is strictly forbidden to touch, hug, or kiss the escort in any way. You are not allowed to engage in sexually suggestive language or solicit for sexual favors. No matter what, you'll get one warning for it. We will recalculate the entire booking rate after you have the option to modify it to a standard booking. The escort will instead cancel the reservation and not return the money.

If you would like to amend your ticket to include erotica but no warnings are given, the entire booking will be adjusted to the standard pricing. The escort is required to wear full clothing throughout the Companionship Only booking. Only the normal rate can be used for bookings that include undressing, like sauna visits. It is expected that you will furnish your escort with a private bedroom and bathroom for any Companionship Only arrangements that involve an overnight or multiple day stay.